Casa di Carlo Goldoni

Carlo Goldoni's house

Layout and collections

Layout and collections

Today, the museum of Casa Goldoni is a magical, theatrical place, in which all the resources of modern museum design have been renewed and exploited to safeguard the fabric of this unique Gothic palace, but also to provide visitors with an interactive layout.

The new layout dedicates the three rooms of the first floor to the main themes in the theatre of Carlo Goldoni. Original period paintings and furnishings appear in carefully-created Scenery settings that are built around some famous plays written by Carlo Goldoni.

In the Room 1, visitors can find scenery representing scenes of the drama giocoso for music “La Conversazione” (The Conversation), and of comedies L’avvocato veneziano (The Venetian Lawyer), La donna di garbo (The Sharp-Witted Woman), La figlia obbediente (The Obedient Daughter) and La finta ammalata (The Fake Patient Woman).

In the Room 2 there is a scenery representing the comedy “Chi la fa l’aspetta” (Avengers wrong).

Finally, in the Room 3 there is a scenery representing a scene from the comedy “Il giuocatore” (The Gambler). Also here visitor can find a puppet theatre, in which is represented a scene of the comedy Il servitore di due padroni (The Servant of Two Masters).


From the Salon, visitors can access to the videotheque, where is set an high technology TV, to watch the documentary on Carlo Goldoni’s life “A Venetian between World and Theatre”. The facilities in the room will also allow visitors – upon request– to access the videotheque material, including video-recordings of the most famous theatre performances, not limited to Goldoni’s ones.

For those interested in delving further into reading those texts by Carlo Goldoni introduced by the exhibition itinerary and, furthermore, broadening knowledge on his entire theatre production, it is possible to access the Library of the Centre for Theatre Studies, on the third floor of Goldoni’s House. With over 30,000 works on theatrical art, this is nowadays one of the main libraries specialised in this field and it represents one of the centres of highest importance in the international area of studies on this topic.

As well as being an exhibition space, however, the Casa del Carlo Goldoni continues to function as an important study centre with modern facilities and equipment.