Casa di Carlo Goldoni

Carlo Goldoni's house

ANNA MORO LIN. The nature of things

The exhibition

Installation by Anna Moro Lin

From December 13th 2013 to February 25th 2014
House of Carlo Goldoni, Venice

The Nature of Things shows how life begins and also the dynamics of the animate and inanimate world, the spontaneous shift from order to disorder that os called in scientific terms “entropia”.

This consideration led Anna Moro Lin to carry out her project. Through a sequence of adaptations of her favourite materials – paper, gauze, fibre – the artist has tried to show the changing nature of things, their fragility and perishable qualities.

On a platform covered with black cloth, she has laid a strip of white fabric in the middle. This is gathered at both ends into two spools of different sizes. This process can be seen in the video and which clearly conveys the passage of time. On the left and right are irregular whitened shapes which have been faded and enervated by using a bleaching technique, manipulating and reprocessing the previous works. In their bareness the progressively show rips and signs of deterioration, finally disintegrating into frayed fragments.

Two large open books bear the words of Lucretius in the centre pages, taken from De Rerum Natura. Lucretius explains how everything has its origins in the grouping of corpuscles, generative bodies or seeds, forming all living creatures depending on how they combine and move around. And like everything else, once they have reached their zenith, disintegration and decomposition sets in and you return to the prime elements of matter which will once again aggregate in other bodies.

The whole work has been created by using a process of subtraction, starting at the end and then reaching the prime elements, acknowledging and saving the value of ‘what remains’ in every phase of transformation.