Casa di Carlo Goldoni

Carlo Goldoni's house



VENETIAE CIVITAS ADMIRABILIS. Ways of seeing. Two titles for a collective work, resulting from a recent research project at Verdeacqua: on the one hand the archetypal city, the civitas admirabilis on the other hand, the Venice of today, terrifyingly concrete in its fragility. An unusual work composed of 25 cardboard cubes, 30 centimetres each side, and 150 refractions of the same ray of light: Venice.

Just as Goldoni represented the Venetian reality of his time on the world stage in all its innumerable complexities, changes, small lives with universal meaning, Verdeacqua attempts to tell of the Venice of today through details, minimal knowledge, and daily realities.

A golden thread joins Goldoni’s Venice to the Venice as perceived by Verdeacqua: the passion of those who live there. The love of those who know it to be UNIQUE in the world and would like it to remain intact for ever in its ideal and admirabilis form.

With the passing of time the relentless reality is changing, as are the visions of those who stand watching and the faces of the 25 cubes change, midway between eye-witness account and imaginary vision.

Verdeacqua’s new work, taking the great Carlo Goldoni as its inspiration, invites the visitors/spectators to see the charm of Venice, to love its many hidden folds and to pose questions about the consequences of its evolution.

The ARCI-Verdeaqua art group was established in 1995 as a workshop for adults interested in experimenting, processing and conveying their own expressive needs through art. The group has displayed its work in important exhibitions, installations, and venues.

Participants: Arrigo Battistini, Bianca Benedet, Amina Coin, Paola Degan, Elisabetta De Pieri, Adriana Garbini, Antonella Giada, Lida Lado, Luisa Marchesi, Maria Maestri, Ornella Michieli, Michela Orbani, Anna Panella, Mary Rotolo, Lisanna Risato, Mara Rustichelli, Daniela Schiavo, Lorena Sossella, Maria Grazia Staffieri, Luisa Tarenzi, Sandra Voltolina, Adriana Vianello, Liliana Vianello Drago, Bruna Zamana, Gisella Zanus

Curated by Anna Moro-Lin